Your Stories

These stories share people's experiences in bereavement and have been expertly scribed by Danielle Conlan of Kindred Life. We welcome submissions of your stories and invite you to please write to the Project Officer at (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


A Kaleidoscope of Colour and Memory

Chloe's Story

When I first heard of Legacy Paintings, I was thoroughly intrigued. As someone who works in bereavement care, I am always on the hunt for unique and colourful ways to help my families celebrate and honour their loved ones. I had no idea how richly rewarding the experience would be for me too. Read Chloe's Story

A Friend in Our Time of Need

Sam's Story

A few months ago, I had never heard of a death Doula. The concept was completely foreign to me, I hadn’t the slightest idea what it was. My sister was overseas on a long-planned wedding trip. Worried about our parents, she took the time before her departure to set out a few things to make sure we would be ok if anything was to happen in her absence. My sister prepared a reflection of their life story and read it out to our parents before she left. Read Sam's Story

A Single Voice Made All The Difference

Sandra's Story

My son was the most remarkable young man. He was funny, caring, with a quirky, dry sense of humour. In a million years, I could never have imagined that my parting words to him on the day of his surgery would be our last. But they were. Read Sandra's Story

A Good Hug and a Yarn

James' Story

When I first met our Funeral Celebrant, we clicked straight away! We have now used him three times and he is like part of our family.Read James' Story

A Cherished Goodbye

June's Story

It was the first anniversary of my Mum’s death two days ago. I have such mixed emotions about it. I miss her terribly, but I am glad I had the chance to say goodbye as I did.Read June's Story

A Story Steeped in Time

Shelby's Story

How would I summarise my Nan in a single word? I think fearless! She was fearless, that’s for sure. But, I don’t think she would have thought of herself in that way. Especially not before she went through the process of telling her life story and sharing it with us all. She was too modest for that.Read Shelby's Story